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March 24, 2009

How to Write A Chief Mentor Welcome Letter

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Click here to see all Mentor Tutorials (RK)
Okay. I have changed the introduction message just a little bit. It was EXTREMELY long and drawn out.

Here is the letter that I send when I assign a new Chief Mentor:
I have placed you as Chief Mentor. I have also added you into the Town Council private forum thread. Access it in forum 2. Just search for "Whithorn Town Council".

Your job as Chief Mentor:
1) Check up on how many new people we receive every day.
2) Send letters to those who are 5-10 days old on a regular basis.
3) Answer letters that are sent to you.
4) Sit in the Town tavern as often as you can to answer questions of the newbies who pop in.

~ Xenina

To New Players, Read This:

Welcome, to Whithorn! I’ll be your guide. My name is Syseelia and I'm the Chief Mentor of this town. If you need ANY help, just click "reply" and send me an "in-game" letter. =]

== NOW, FIRST THING: Click on "Town" and then "Market" and purchase 10 bags of corn from the market at £4.95 each. This will enroll you in our NEW CITIZEN program. (You may receive a note from me or from the Mayor confirming that you are now in the program.)

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: When you are ready for level 1 (you have earned 5 reputation points & 65 pounds of cash), contact the Mayor and she will tell you how to get £55 CASH. This £55 will push you into Level 1 and the Mayor will give you advice on what kind of field you should choose.

This letter is LONG and I get that, BUT I suggest that you – SAVE IT - somewhere, as mail is deleted automatically after 2 weeks.

- LEVEL ZERO: This game is all about living day to day and working your way UP in the world. =) Level zero is all about having what it takes to move up. The key is to SAVE YOUR MONEY! Save your money and food and do not waste it (on clothes, food or anything else), or you can’t level as quickly as you should. Also, if you don’t know, ask! Ask the Chief Mentor or the Mayor. You are not “bothering” us.

== A DAY . . . in RK (Renaissance Kingdoms) is the 24 hour period between one reset and the next. Reset occurs each day at 2:00 GMT. (Time is posted on the church). For example, if you are in PST (-8 GMT), reset occurs from 7 – 8 pm at night.

You must eat every day to survive. Look at the top of your screen. Next to your money is your “status”. If you are “fit” you only need to eat one Hunger Point (that means 1 corn). If you are “exhausted” you need to eat two Hunger Points (two corns or one bread).

- FOOD: To eat click on “Me”, then “My inventory”. Click on the hand print to eat each item. Remember what I said above: if you are “fit”, you need ONLY eat one corn. (It will still say you are hungry, but ignore that.) To get more food on subsequent days will buy it either from the market or a tavern (which are individually owned and priced). Your money is only to be used to buy food (not wine, women or fancy clothes). Do not buy any food besides corn or bread until you level. DO NOT BUY BEER.

- DON’T GET DRUNK: To enter a tavern, simply click on the name of one. If you visit the taverns, do NOT buy beer at all(only richer people should ever buy beer) and do not allow anyone to buy you more than 5 drinks or you may get drunk. If you are too drunk you can’t work or eat.

The best time to get jobs is early in the new day, for as they say - the early bird gets the work! You have THREE places to get work:
1. The Mine: Click "Out of Town" and "Works". Then click on the mine. (You get 7.50 this reset and then 7.50 on Sunday.)
2. As a level 0, you have to work two days in the Church. This will give you 2 of your 5 required Reputation Points. (More info below)
3. Farm jobs are in the Town Hall: Click “Town Hall” and “Job offers”. You will see a job and the skills required. If it says “0 Intelligence Points” or “0 Strength Points” you can apply for it, even though you have no character statistics yet.

Read your Town Hall’s Message and keep checking it. Don’t buy cheap items and then resell them higher. This is a prosecutable crime.

Like I said above: “When you are ready for level 1 (you have earned 5 Reputation Points & £65 of cash), contact the Mayor and she will tell you how to get £55 from the Town Hall. This £55 will push you into Level 1 and the Mayor will give you advice on what kind of field you should choose and tell you how to level.” * Remember, you can ONLY get this £55 pounds if you are enrolled in the NEW CITIZEN program. *

== REPUTATION POINTS are points you give and get from other people. (You get two points per week that you can give out.) As said above, you will get 2 Reputation Points from the Church. However, you also need 3 Reputation Points from other players. This is part of the game. The best time to find people to trade Reputation Points with is on Sunday after people get paid and they get their 2 points to give out.

Visit the forums right away. Only worry about the top forum for now. Go into the Index and look for “Galloway” (that’s our County). Then look for “Whithorn”. That’s our town. There is both a County and a Town forum. Both are fun and will teach you a lot.

We hope you enjoy your life here in 1456 A.D. Whithorn! Please stay in touch.

How to Write a Town Hall Message

Click here to see all Mayoral Tutorials (RK)

Town Hall messages should have three sections:
1) Announcements (things you update on a daily/bi-weekly basis)
2) A menu of things discussed in the message
3) The actual items that you just said would be in the message

It helps to have a little intro about yourself before the message, so that new people know that the Mayor is active and changing the message regularly. You'll also want to use bullet-points under each heading for each piece of subject matter. Keep the whole of the letter as short as you can. Take out notes that become unnecessary later.

Here's my latest letter. Notice the subjects are divided up and each subject is bullet-pointed and kept short and to the point:

Greetings Citizens! Thank you for your vote. I do appreciate it and I'm already working hard for you!

========== ANNOUNCEMENTS =========
* Mine full? No Jobs? Go fishing today:
** New Mentor: Syseelia - CONGRATS! -
** Volunteers for Town Council?! Post in the FORUMS please.
* There is "low danger" from here to Wigtown, but Wigtown is FULL of criminals and so are their roads. I suggest that you NEVER travel without a grant.
= GRANTS ARE FREE! = Here is a guide:
* SPECIAL THANKS !! Our town has quickly recovered. We now have meat and bread. Thanks to everyone who sacrificed to do what they could for OUR town. :D

=========== - TH MSG MENU - ==========
1) News
2) Food Information
3) How to Help Your Town
4) Economics / Laws /Suggestions
5) Leveling Up
6) Autobuys
7) Suggested Prices
8) Town Statistics

============ - 1) NEWS - ===========
* LADDERS: Please list for £20 and £60 respectively or I can't buy them.
===== - 2) FOOD & STATS/ GIFTS - ====
*HP = Hunger Points
BREAD: 2 HP, 0 Gifts
CORN:: 1 HP, 0 Gifts
VEGGIE:1 HP, 1 Charisma Point
FRUIT: 1 HP, 1 Charisma Point
MILK:: 1 HP, 1 Intelligence Point
FISH:: 2 HP, 2 Intelligence Points
MEAT:: 2 HP, 2 Strength Points
Charisma: Helps you to get hired when competing for a job or to buy or sell items on the market. Example: If Joe has 3 Charisma and Sarah has 1 Charisma Point and both attempt to buy the same bread, Joe will buy the bread and Sarah will not.
Intelligence: Helps you to make more choices when fishing, chopping wood, picking fruit and so on.
Strength: Helps you to fish out further, chop wood higher and so on. Also, Strength Points come into play when you are robbing or being robbed by people on the roads and/or when fighting in an army.
==== - 3) HOW TO HELP YOUR TOWN - ====
* Become a Lord and our town is paid a stipend, just for having you in town.
* Another way to help us out is to pick up food items to sell when you leave town.
*You can also volunteer for a Town Council position.
* MARKET: Our economy is low priced and moving. :)
* Minimum Wage: is currently 14 pounds
* Profiteering on our market is illegal and can be prosecuted.
** If you have concerns on a certain product, please send a note to your Mayor! Also, if you need a loan for any reason, contact the Mayor. Thanks. **
* FORUMS: I highly encourage you to read and post in our forum. To truly play RK is to know the forums. Just click on the word "Forum" below your news scroller. Then click on "Go to the forum with your player's account 'your name here'". Once in the forum, you can scroll down to our county (Galloway) and our town (Whithorn). If you can not see the forums, please check your security.
========== - 5) LEVELING - ===========
*Please notify the mayor with a simple note when you level.*
= TO LEVEL ONE: (If you participated in our NEW CITIZEN program, just send me a note.) I suggest you have 150 pounds before you get a first field. (You'll need some cash for expenses and to hire people). Then please choose:
= TO LEVEL TWO: We have a lot of level twos here. If you are thinking of moving, don't level UNTIL you move, because you lose your workshop when you move. If you do level in Whithorn, I suggest you choose carpenter or baker!
========== - 6) AUTOBUYS - ===========
Meat: OFF
Please don't use wool autobuy. Thanks!
======= - 7) SUGGESTED PRICES - =======
Corn ____ 2.90 (1hp)
Bread ___ 5.60 (2hp)
Veggies _ 8.20 (2hp, +1 Charisma)
Meat ____ 16.80 (2hp, +2 Strength)
Fish ____ 16.00 (2hp, +2 Intelligence)
Milk ____ 8.60 (1hp, +1 Intelligence)
Wheat ___ 10.50
Flour ___ 12.80
Wood ____ 4.00
HHW _____ 15.00
HC ______ 30.00
Knives __ 14.50
Axe _____ 150
Boat ____ 95
Oar _____ 21 (Only for carpenter use)
Wool ____ 11.25
Hides ___ 15.00
Buckets _ 39.00
Sword ___ 200
Helmet __ 150
Shafts __ 9.00
(THESE MINIMUM prices assume wool=11, hides=15 and wage=21 pounds. Larger items are more difficult to save up to make and therefore may cost more.)
Dress ____ 234 (18 wool, 1 hide)
Shirt ____ 109 (8 wool)
Shoes ____ 28 (2 hides)
Trousers _ 65 (4 wool)
Hat ______ 56 (2 hides)
Rope belt_ 52 (1 hide, 1 wool)
Belt _____ 41 (1 hide)
Boots ____ 86 (4 hides)
Hose _____ 45 (2 wool)
Mantle ___ 246 (15 wool, 4 hides)
Headscarf _28 (2 wool)
Waist Coat_131 (7 hides)
Headdress _78 (2 wool, 2 hides)
Toque ____ 56 (2 hides)
Cloak ___ 175 (4 wool, 7 hides)
Skirt ___ 117 (8 wool)
Apron ___ 116 (6 hides)
Shield ___ 71 (3 hides)
Unhooped buckets = 20
Small Ladder = 20
Large Ladder = 40
========= - 8) STATISTICS - ===========
Number of players, level 0 : 233
Number of players, level 1 : 87
Number of players, level 2 : 59
Number of players, level 3 : 11
Number of wheat fields: 84
Number of corn fields: 51
Number of vegetable patches:95
Number of cow ranches: 13
Number of sheep ranches: 9
Number of pig ranches: 17
Number of cows: 29
Number of sheep: 21
Number of pigs: 35
Number of millers: 20
Number of bakers: 10
Number of butchers: 12
Number of blacksmiths: 12
Number of carpenters: 12
Number of weavers: 14                                                                                                                SEE MORE RK POSTS

March 22, 2009


How To Do A Town Hall Report

Hey! I just made this excel document, which makes it EASY to record your Town and/or County's value:
(Simply enter the value and/or quantity of your goods and it does the math for you.)

Here is my tutorial (for those who don't love excel):
There are a couple of ways to do a Town Hall Report. Basically you decide what exactly is revealed to the public.

[Your Town Here] Town Hall ReportTown treasury : *1200.30 pounds (Place your cash in main Mayor menu here)

Inventory (Price estimates can vary. It's best to stick with whatever the basic county price is. Here is an example:)

Town Hall Inventory
0096.00 = 015 @ 06.40 Bread0095.00 = 005 @ 19.00 Meat
0150.00 = 010 @ 15.00 Flour

0262.50 = 075 @ 03.50 Corn
0166.00 = 010 @ 16.60 HHW
0125.00 = 010 @ 12.50 Wool
0150.00 = 010 @ 15.00 Hides
0240.00 = 020 @ 12.00 Veggies
0800.00 = 200 @ 04.00 Wood Buschels
0040.00 = 002 @ 20.00 Small Ladders
0060.00 = 001 @ 60.00 Large Ladders
0040.00 = 001 @ 40.00 Bucket
0285.00 = 015 @ 19.00 Iron ore

0030.00 = 002 @ 15.00 Knives* 2539.50 pounds = Total
(Just add the left column up)

Town selling orders at the Town market :
* 266.50 pounds
(I don't post what's on the market. I just say how much it was.)
9 vegetables at 10.01 pounds each. (9 * 12 = 108)
1 woman's shirt at 121.00 pounds each. (121)
3 balls of wool at 11.31 pounds each. (3 *12.50 = 37.50)

Town selling orders at County Faire: *164.00 pounds
1 axe at 160 (1* 164)

Town Tavern: [Your Tavern Name Here]
Inventory + Income :
*233.80 pounds
Tavern Income: 5.05 poundsloaves of bread: 28 @ 5.85
fruits: 0
bags of corn: 20 @ 3.50
bottles of milk: 0
fish: 0
pieces of meat: 0
vegetables: 0


*479.00 pounds
JoeSmith @ 179.00
SandyPo @ 300.00


*166.00 Worth
JonnySmith @ 016 (Safe Travel Grant)
Anonymous @ 150 worth of goods
(I always leave out trader's names. You don't want people to know who they are or where they are going, as they carry a lot of your items and should be protected.)


Sum of Town Net Worth: 5049.10

* Take everything above that has a red star next to it and add it all up to get your total worth.

So, my last report looked like this:
Posted: 30 Oct 2008 12:56
Town treasury : 3706.03 pounds

Town Hall Inventory
0021.60 = 006 @ 03.60 Corn
0182.60 = 010 @ 16.60 HHW
0312.50 = 025 @ 12.50 Wool
0645.00 = 043 @ 15.00 Hides
0456.00 = 038 @ 12.00 Veggies
1004.00 = 251 @ 04.00 Wood Buschels
0120.00 = 003 @ 40.00 Bucket
0075.00 = 005 @ 15.00 Knives
2816.70 pounds
Items on Town Market: 691.40 pounds
Items at County Fair: 532.18 pounds
Tavern Balance & Items: 1701 pounds

Whithorn Whistle & Thistle Details:
Currently Serving:
011 left £17.60 Oven Hotch Potch ~ Slow roasted lamb (meat)
145 left £05.85 Glazed Pancakes ~ Delicious and healthy enough to eat anytime
Treasury Report:
Town Loans/Grants: Wigtown loan still on the books.
Current Treasury of 9417.31 pounds


Town Finances:The economy is better. At least it's flowing. Level two products have decreased, but with the rise in prices, you level twos should be able to keep on baking and creating products with decent profits. I'll continue to trade with the county and send another grant north.

With the income that we've created through grants and trades, I'll be able to help out a little more, buying your items and reselling them for that price plus .01.

========== If you desperately need to sell something for a specific (decently low) price ==========
============== please contact me so that I can buy some and help you out. ==============

Crops: If you grow corn, wheat or veggies I urge you to keep your prices low and competitive. I also have to ask that fishermen list their fish for 16.95 - 17.15.

Sheep & Pigs: We have too many sheep and pigs. I've managed to outsell some of our hhw, but I can't sell any of the sheep products. It seems every town has too much of them.

Town Council Votes: The new Town Council will soon be initiating new changes and programs. I'm very excited about this. Here are things that the Town Council will be voting or initiating:

* Minimum Wage
* Loan Approvals
* New Games in General Forum

Thanks to Roy_Garlock for his added example of TH report to make this tutorial. You big stud. :)                  

Grant Tutorial

Click here to see all Mayoral Tutorials regarding RK

This tutorial for Grantees and Grantors


What is a Grant?
A grant is a Special Handbag that you carry in Renaissance Kingdoms. It can only be given by the Town Mayor or by the Sergeant, Sheriff or Trade Minister. Once granted the grant can not be taken away from you. Only you can "cancel" and therefore send the grant back to the town or County.

Its purpose:
Grants are used to safeguard goods and money. (Once placed in a grant, money and goods used to be sage from theft. In 2011 this was changed. Now they can be pillaged.)

It is usually used to keep a separate bank account for buying and selling.

Find Your Grant:
Click on "Me" and then "Your duties and responsibilities" It will say "You are currently granted by the Town Hall of Blahblah - "See." Click on "See" to read your grant. The granter usually puts your name, town, date and instructions in the grant contract.

Before you use or touch your grant, make sure that the grant contains the items that are stated and/or that you have agreed upon. Record the contents in a notepad, excel or word document, so that you will know what to return when you are finished.

Put Your Stuff in the Grant:
If you don't need to place your personal items or money into the grant, then you will do nothing.

If you want to put things into it, then you start from the grant. It will contain at least 1 item or £2. Open an extra window that goes to the market. (Make sure that there is no other wood on the market for 15.95.) You will want to list the wood for 15.50-15.95 and then buy it with your own money. This means that instead of two wood, your grant now has 15.95-31.90 and nothing else.

Use this 31.90 to buy your own inventory items and wood (use normal prices, unless you don't mind that other people buy your meat at 15.00, etc.). (To place LOTS of money and/or goods into your grant, you will need to repeat the process MANY times.)

Tax tricks:
If you list anything on the market for minimum the tax costs will be cut. I suggest buying your low cost item several times.

Buying From The Grant:
Right now your grant says, "The trades that you are currently doing are NOT executed under the terms of your grant." Once you click on the button "Switch", you will buy under the terms of the grant, meaning that the purchase will be debited to the grant account."

If the grant has money, then you can use this money to buy things. To BUY with the grant's money click on "Switch". The drop down will say, "The following transactions will be carried out under the terms of your grant". Now, anything you buy will go into the grant and the grant's money will be spent until you either:
1) Log out of RK
2) Click on "Switch" again

Returning the Grant:
When you want to return the grant you must be in the County (if the TM, Sheriff, Sergeant granted it) or the Town (if the Mayor granted it) where you received the grant. If it was a travel grant with 2 wood, you can probably keep it for a really long time and the Mayor or TM won't really mind. If it was a trading grant, you should ask the Mayor or TM how badly they need it back. If it was for a trade, ie, 10 wood sold at £4, then please cancel it as soon as possible and get a new grant. Holding a very old grant and "donating" money back instead of cancelling your grant can mean you are held accountable for your grant later. Another TM will not know that you already paid. So, best to cancel it and get a new "travel" grant.

Open your notepad, word or excel document where you stored the information of what was in the grant when you got it. Do your best to sell expensive from your own inventory and buy cheap from the grant. This will place your personal money back into your personal inventory.

Try as best you can to even out the grant, so that it contains the same items and/or value that it had when you received it. If you traded for your town or County, you should be leaving any profit inside the grant. Usually trade grants make a good profit, so lots more value than you started with.

To cancel the grant and send back the entire purse full of money and/or items, just click on the word "Cancel" at the very bottom of your grant.

Should you have questions or need help ask the person who granted you or another Mayor/TM.

Note: At this time only Mayors and Sheriffs can grant £ cash £. TMs can only grant goods. Sergeants can only grant weapons. Items must be placed inside in order:
Money (You have to place inside upon creation. You can not place money in later)
Goods (All officers in County can SEE the grant you created. So a grant can be created by the Sheriff with £200. If it is left in the office then the TM can place corn inside, the Sergeant can then place a sword inside. Anyone can issue it once it is finished.

- Click Town Hall
- Click The Mayor's Office tab
- Click Grant Management
- Scroll to the bottom
- Click on Create New Grant (If you can't create one then you have one pending. Either cancel it or finish it up and grant it. )
- Fill out the sheet with the person's name and your wishes. Make sure to date and sign it:
- Click Create when you're done.
- Click Inventory to place items in the grant. If you transfer items to a grant you can not chose which grant. It will always go to that one on top (I think). Either that or on the bottom.
- Click the Mayor's Office tab
- Click Grant Management
- Click on See under the "Grants to give"
- Type in the person's name who will receive the grant
- Click Grant
- You did it. :)

Note: You can only create ONE grant at a time - unless you are on a mobile phone and go back a page. I was able to create three grants by glitching. Of course it was the same grant contract over and over, but it is doable. If you are organized I'm sure you could figure it out. :)

March 12, 2009

GOD exists.

Two things Navy SEALS are always taught:

1. Keep your priorities in order
2. Know when to act without hesitation

A college professor, an avowed atheist and active in the ACLU, was teaching his class. He shocked several of his students when he flatly stated that for once and for all he was going to prove there was no God. Addressing the ceiling he shouted:

"GOD, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform.
I'll give you exactly 15 minutes!"

The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop.

Ten minutes went by. "I'm waiting God, if you're real, knock me off this platform!" Again after a few more minutes, the professor taunted God saying, "Here I am, God! I'm still waiting!"

His count down got down to the last couple of minutes when a NAVY SEAL, just released from the Navy after serving in Afghanistan and Iraq and newly registered in the class, walked up to the Professor. The SEAL hit him full force in the face, and sent the Professor tumbling from his lofty platform. The Professor was out cold.

The students were stunned and shocked. They began to babble in confusion. The SEAL nonchalantly took his seat in the front row and sat silent. The class looked at him and fell silent ..... waiting.

Eventually, the professor came to and was noticeably shaken. He looked at the SEAL in the front row. When the professor regained his senses and could speak he asked: "What the heck is the matter with you? Why did you do that?"

"God was really busy protecting America's soldiers, who are protecting your right to say stupid things and act like an idiot. So He sent me."