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December 30, 2008

Install Fonts in Vista

So, I tried to extract the fonts I downloaded straight into my C:\Windows\Fonts

Yeah. That didn't work. So, I extracted them into the download folder and tried to just copy and paste them over.

Then, I figured out that you must install each new font individually. To do this, right click on the font and click "install". It will magically appear in your font folder. Done! You don't need to find your C:\Windows\Fonts.

It took me a while, but I figured it out.

December 28, 2008


Credit to EBSF Members:








December 16, 2008

The Ten Commandments of Tremulous

I Thou shalt not cheat.
II Thou shalt build a good base.
III Thou shalt not feed the enemy.
IV Thou shalt not harm teammates (also known as bleeding).
V Thou shalt show no mercy to thine enemies.
VI Thou shalt not spam (shoot at nothing).
VII Thou shalt not camp (stay in base all game).
VIII Thou shalt not spawnkill, nor killwhore.
IX Thou shalt not deconstruct major buildings without your team's agreement.
X Thou shalt use good sportmanship and not insult other players.

Newby Definitions:
Feed = Feeding is when a player runs out of the base and is killed over and over again. This feeds the other team and they will quickly gain an advantage over your team. You will lose quite badly.
Spawnkill = Killing players directly as they come into the game. They have no chance to defend themselves and while your kill count will increase, it is in essence cheating.
Killwhore = Killwhoring is the action of killing opposing team members over and over again, while not attempting to attack or take out their base. Players who do too much killwhoring quickly become unwelcome in the server.

December 10, 2008

Tremulous Installation Guide and Qkey / GUID

Hooray! Ok, I'm installing Tremulous on a new laptop and so I thought I would create a complete guide. Just give your friends the link to this page when they need help installing or adding a GUID.

1. Install Trem
2. Add the GUID to your Trem
3. Add a HUD
4. Move your qkey / GUID
5. Change your screen size (for widescreen laptops and so on)

1. Install Tremulous
a. Go to
b. Choose Windows tremulous-1.1.0-installer.exe if you have a PC.
c. Look in your download window and double-click on "tremulous-1.1.0-installer.exe". If you don't have a download window, find where you downloaded the installer and double-click on it.
d. If your computer asks if this file is safe, say "allow".
e. Click "I agree", then "Next", then "Install".
f. Open Tremulous. I suggest getting the spider icon onto your desktop and then putting it in quick launch.
g. Before you do anything in the program print this page out and follow these instructions:
* Open Tremulous
* Once open use the ~ key in the upper left hand corner of the screen to open the menu.
* Type these things in and hit enter after each one:

/follow ,
/follownext .
/bind O say Hi everyone.

h. Type on the ~ to close the menu again. Now you can go into the game and look for servers to play on. First thing you need to do is click on Refresh List. This will make sure you download the list of active servers. Now click on Players twice. Find a server with 4-9 players. I suggest a well-know server. Here is a list of the best servers:
EBSF, N, DretchStorm, Skittles, A, Pure Tremulous, FuN, DRU, AA

i. Once in a server just touch the . key to follow players and watch how they play. This is the best way to learn. Then you can talk by touching the T key. If you say something like "I'm pretty new. Any tips would be appreciated." people might talk to you about the game. Clan sites are best for learning because they like to teach and recruit new people. EBSF is our clan, so that's the server you should look for. That is also where I will meet you 100% of the time. : )

2. Add the GUID (updated Trem exe)
a. Open your Trem folder. It should be here: C:\Program Files\Tremulous
b. Find the spider-looking icon (tremulous) and rename it: Trem.bak (This simply holds the regular trem in limbo, because we won't be using it.)
c. GO to
d. Choose linux, mac or win32 (windows).
e. Click on "tremulous.exe". (You don't need the longer named one.)
f. It will begin to download automatically. Your computer may ask if you want to open or download the file and click ok or yes.
g. Right-click on the new tremulous.exe in your download window. Select "open containing folder". It's probably in a download folder (on my computer, it went to the c:\users\ame\downloads)
h. Put the folder next to your Trem folder and drag the NEW spider program (tremulous.exe) into the Trem folder.

3. What's a HUD? A H.U.D. is a heads-up display. Basically, it controls where and how your health, evos, and build points are displayed on the screen. There are several different types of HUDs. My favorite is Volt's. There are 8 different "look" options using Volt's version.

(Note: before installing a new HUD, you MUST uninstall and delete all traces of the old one. I also suggest having a copy of your base folder onhand in case your Trem reverts. [This has happened to me when visiting AA server])

a. Find a HUD that you like in the current HUD catalog. Here is the Nov' 08 catalog:
b. Create a new folder inside your Tremulous folder. Call it "myhudfiles"
c. Click on the word "download" under the HUD that you want and follow the creator's instructions.
d. The hud may download as a "zip" in your download folder.
e. Right-click on the zip file and click on "Extract all". Your computer will ask where you want to put the files. Find your "myhudfiles" folder inside your Tremulous folder and extract them into it. (You can use this myhudfiles folder later too, if you change HUDs.)
f. You may need to create a folder called "ui" inside your "base" folder, which is inside your "tremulous" folder. Follow the instructions in the creator's "readme". It will tell you where to place which files.
g. Make sure to "activate" your HUD by using the command the readme gives you, like: /exec ui/install.cfg
You will have to type or paste that into the Trem console.

{ NOTE: To open the console once inside the game, use the ~ key. A little dos menu will drop down for you to type into. Your first command should be: /follow . - Now whenever you hit the period key, you can follow the players in the game. To install other binds use /bind k say Hey everyone :) (this binds your K key) or /bind p say_team All team members report to base (this binds your P key and will only talk to team members). Only add binds from the main tremulous window, never inside a server or your program may get confused.

To talk in game hit the T key and to team speak hit the Y key. You can change these in your options, but I like using these keys. }

4. Copy your qkey / GUID!!
Yes. Serious instructions on how to copy your qkey over.

a. Find your qkey in your old computer:
(Enable showing of hidden files and folders (if you already haven't)
* C:\Users\myname\AppData\Local\Tremulous\base if you use vista
* C:\documents and settings\yourname\localsettings\application data\tremulous\base in XP
b. Copy the file called "qkey" onto a flash drive
c. Open the same folder in your new computer. Find the file called qkey in your NEW computer and delete it.
d. Take the flash drive and plug it into your new computer. Copy the file over into your new computer.
e. Start Tremulous and test. If you do not paste a qkey, your computer will generate a new GUID :)

5. Find your monitor's resolution and write it down.
Use these commands one at a time in the console:
/r_mode -1
/r_customwidth 1366
/r_customheight 768

You did it. You're a genius.

Now learn to play:

This is a tutorial on how to be a dretch. I suggest you begin life as a dretch in Tremulous. Just don't die too much. You'll feed the opposing team too many credits and they'll come kill your base. You can also learn to play by being a granger (a building unit) and learn to make a base. Ask for permission and directions from your team mates.

When you are new you should take all orders from your teammates. They know how to play, so take their advice and be sure to ask for help. You'll find at least one or two people on each server who might even like to teach you.

Of course if you add me to MSN I would be happy to teach you when I have time. As my friend Victim says "Practice makes perfect". . . . well, no, but it does make you kick ass. ;)


November 12, 2008

Mayor's Recession Help - Lesson 1

Hello everyone,

I've recently got some mayors asking me what I've done to come out ahead these last two months, and so I'm writing a blog on it. First of all I want to post my "action" Town Hall message.

========= - NEED SOME CASH? - =======
Need a good job today? Check jobs first! Then consider fishing. You can fish with ANY level of intelligence, strength or charisma. Fishing map:
Sell your fish for 16.95-17.15 or I won't buy it.


===== - HOW TO HELP YOUR TOWN - =====
Helping your town: Please read the economic section below and remember low prices mean more cash flow for Whithorn.

Cows: Only approved townsfolk will have them. Please apply to your mayor if you would like to ranch cows. Only three people will be accepted and breeding has just started. Thank you.

Weavers: Suggestions = belts, boots, women's hose, affordable shirts.

Forums: Just click on the word "Forum" below your news scroller. Then click on "Go to the forum with your player's account 'your name here'". I highly encourage you to read and post in our forum. To truly play RK is to know the forums. Once in the forum, you can scroll down to our county (Galloway) and our town (Whithorn). If you can not see the forums, please check your security. If your internet browser is accepting cookies and you are currently in the town of Whithorn, you should be able to read the county and town threads.

=========== - ECONOMICS - ===========
I will be trying to move the market . . . PLEASE change the prices of your goods for what you can afford. I will buy and resell what I can of the following:
Corn 3.05 (1hp)
HHW 16.00
Veggies 10.00 (1hp, +1 Charisma)
Knives 14.95
Fish 16.95 (2hp, +2 Intelligence)

============ - LEVELING - ===========
Please notify the mayor when you level.

Level One Fields: I suggest you have 200 pounds before you get a field. (You'll need some cash for expenses). Then please choose: CORN or WHEAT
Please Use This Corn Guide:

Level Twos: We have a lot of level twos here. So, you should have extensive clothes, cash and high stats before leveling. I suggest you choose CARPENTER (If you want weaver or miller, please talk to me first.)

Level Three: If you are close to level three and meet all other criteria, apply for a cash loan from the town council. Simply post in the Town Council Thread in the Whithorn Forum.

============= - LAWS - ==============
Whithorn's Minimum Wage: 16 pounds

Profiteering: You can not buy low and sell high on the market. This is a prosecutable crime.

=========== - AUTOBUYS - ============
(I'm sorry. I can't afford any autobuys until my trades go through.)
Meat: OFF
Wheat: OFF
Flour: OFF

Lesson 2 is below

October 27, 2008

My RK Town Council

Click here to see all Mayoral Tutorials regarding RK

Town Council

Do you need a Town Council? Yes. If you want to be REALLY successful and you think you might have a hard time learning to run the office a Town Council is really helpful. Here is my Town Council list and job descriptions. This is my actual FORUM POST:

Hooray! Who wants to officially join the new Town Council? Why you want to be in TC:

1) Keep the mayor in check and keep him/her apprised of issues
2) Learn about our economy and how to improve it
3) Receive a title and responsibilities that will enhance your RK experience

4) Get educated about the inner working of RK life
5) Get involved and make a difference
6) Vote on important issues and share your opinions
You are all welcome to become Town Council. It's not too much work. You are assigned a position and then you just fulfill the duties of that title. You'll just be helping me out and it might even be fun. ^ ^

Please post your experience and let me know what position you are most interested in. Thank

Job details
1. Mayor:
* Runs the market and finances. Dabbles in every position and runs the council.
* Finalizes everything that is done, and puts the final decisions of the council into action.
* Creates votes for TC to vote on.

2. Deputy Mayor:
* Helps mayor answer questions in forums and in game (can act in forum matters in absence of the mayor).
* Assists mayor with trades and/or other business.
* Keeps mayor apprised of all political situations and/or hostile possibilities.
* Can create polls/votes in TC forum. Can request things to be split, or locked.
* Makes sure promised activities are completed by the Mayor or him/herself.

3. Spokesman:
* Reports the details of the town council's decisions and updates to the public of Whithorn.
Nothing will be held secret from the citizens and that will be made clear through the Spokesperson.

4. Secretary of Council:
*Updates profession lists, works with mayor on statistics.
* Creates the polls in TC forum, keeps things organized with reports in TC forum. Can request things to be split, or locked.
* Makes sure promised activities are completed by each member, including the Mayor.

5. Minister of Morale:
* Makes sure the citizens of Whithorn are happy, and entertained. Gets involved in games, and gets the citizens active within the forums and taverns. Also endorses the forum whenever possible.
* Makes sure citizens are reading the Town Hall message, as many of their questions can be answered by it.
* Makes sure citizens that are of a low level and strength are fishing. Endorse and advertise the fishing map for Whithorn, located here:
6. Minister of Trade/ Trade Manager:
* Works directly with the mayor. Helps to compile lists of import/export needs of the town. You
may travel or be required to find a traveler to deliver grants.

7. Minister of Economics:
* Watches the food (including stat food) and the needs of the citizens. Speaks with Bakers, Millers, and other professionals to get the market moving with a constant supply of the goods we need on a daily basis.

8. Minister of Law/ Market Manager:
* Makes sure law and town decrees are being enforced. Sends warnings to those violating laws. Acts as Public Prosecutor of Whithorn, and has the right to prosecute offenders by name of the town. (Must be rare and serious occasions as the prosecution takes up State points).

9. Minister of Key Resources:
* Makes sure the fishing market is moving, and makes sure citizens that are of a low level and strength are fishing. 5-15 fish should be on the market at all times as we are a fishing town.
* Also helps to import wood or other "key" items in times of need.
* Often works with the Trade Manager.

10. Minister of Public Funds:
* Manages the Loan Offices of the Town. Works with the mayor and other council members on what kind of loan types we should offer.
* Creates loan votes in the TC forum. Gives a full report and keep the Mayor on task regarding loans.

11. Chief Mentor:
* Uses and/or edit our awesome Chief Mentor letter and follows up with all newbies on it. Consults with mayor about welcoming and training newbies.
* Contacts new and week-old players to help them progress.

12. Mentor Apprentice:
*Assist chief mentor in contacting new players. Works under Chief Mentor to accomplish common goals.

13. Public Committee Members:
* The Public Committee makes sure to check the status of the citizens, and answer questions they may have.
* They help the TC cope with current events and/or give advice and information to the mayor and council.

Random Letters from RK Citizens


"What is up with the market?? I cannot sell my flour and it's listed at 13,45. What do I have to list it at for it to sell.... 10,00?? I am down to my last 49p and about ready to just die and start over or forget this game because the new format sucks! Just getting extremely frustrated with this game!"

Yes. The market is insane and it is very frustrating for us all. I do understand your predicament and I must say that if you can make more money by working on your field than making flour, then please work on your field. You can also consider fishing, but fish are worth less than 18. I also have to mention that there was a time period for several days that wheat was selling for 11 pounds. I am sorry if you missed that wheat. There was a lot of it though. That's why some flour is WAY under your prices.

However, since I have been in Whithorn, there has never been a day that level 2 work was guaranteed. Admtahoe first told me this when I arrived and I have tried to pass it on to others. We just have too many level twos here for anyone that is level 2 to profit well. Even when our market was better, it wasn't easy. For example, many bakers work only a few days a week baking bread. They can not afford to bake everyday. Still, you see all the bread we have. It's ridiculous.

If you DO want to make a nice profit, and this is simply an observation, some people are moving north to Ayr or Glasgow, where there is a lower population. There may be less people, but they have less goods and are in need of level 2 players. They want millers, bakers and the like. Some towns only have 4 level twos in their whole town. Their populations are about 100 people. So, they must have a traveler bring things in. We are a population of 380 with 83 level twos and 6 level threes. 83 level twos. Think about that. It's insane. We have 28 millers. That's a LOT of competition for you. It is.

Again, I am sorry and I understand your frustration. I have had trouble keeping up with the recommended prices too, as they are constantly changing and I try to make the wheat and flour prices connected when I post. I HATE changing recommended prices, as I want them to stay consistent. However, all I can do is try to sell all these goods outward and try to "bail us out" of the market that we are in.

I do want to mention that this market is no one's fault and things are tough everywhere right now. That's the reason why people like Admtahoe, Icy_Princess and Swampi are moving north. It's just easier to make money up there and it's very nice to travel around and actually make money trading up there.

Anyway, I hope I have helped you to understand even a little. Thank you for your letter and please let me know if I haven't answered your question well enough. Have a great weekend.

~ Xenina

No problem. I can answer your questions and YES, Muirkirk is a wonderful place to move. Lanark is a smaller town and they are both very nice with kind and helpful people.

1) If I move to another village, will I lose both my fields, or will these be transferred to the other village? Also is there an extra cost that I have to pay if I want to move?

You have to sell your fields here and then purchase new fields there in order to actually "move". You will want to take all money and everything out of your home before you leave. If you want to take your money securely I can give you a grant that you can use to hold your cash. You simply "cancel" it when you come back to Whit.

I think Muirkirk is a good choice no matter what your profession. However, moving you will lose your workshop in Whithorn and would have to buy a new workshop in the new town (500 pounds). You can also choose a new profession. So, you may want to simply "visit" Muirkirk for a while and not necessarily move, but it is up to you.

2) what is the risk of robbing along the way, and what can they take from me if they succeed. I don't have a lot of money, but I'm planning on taking my 30 flour and some food with me. (I probably will have to eat along the way won't I?)

The risk of robbery is medium to low right now. You can use lavabo to look ahead and see if there are any well-known thieves on the road, but you can still be robbed by a no-name person. They never get all your goods or cash, but usually most of your cash and about 75% of your goods. The safest way to travel is to find someone with high strength to travel with, so that you will win against any robbers that hit you. Any goods and/or cash that are placed in a grant are COMPLETELY safe from being taken until YOU decide to sell them and take them out. So, let me know if you want one.

~ Xenina

Mayor's Recession Help - Lesson 2

Click here to see all Mayoral Tutorials regarding RK

How to keep prices cheap in your town:
Ok, this tutorial is a step by step on how to deal with the recession by causing more of a recession in your town. If you DO NOT follow my advice, please remember that your Town Hall worth will continue to fall and an empty Town Hall can help no one. If you create excess funds, then that's ok, because you can give that money back to your townfolk in many different ways at a later time. Most mayors do NOT have a problem with having too much Town Hall worth.

1) First encourage LOW prices by placing suggested prices in your Town Hall message and mention this in your Mayor's Office forum thread. You are ALREADY in a recession. You can't change that. Lowering prices IS necessary in order to LIVE in a recession. This must be explained to the people.

2) Keep prices cheap:
bags of wheat10.209

bags of wheat 10.65 13
bags of wheat 10.70 13
bags of wheat 11.10 11
bags of wheat 11.40 8

3) So, what do you buy? Once people are selling for less, you have to buy correctly. Let's say I want 25 wheat to sell to the county. Here's what I would buy:
2 of the 11.40
4 of the 11.50
8 of the 10.70
5 of the 10.65
5 of the 10.20

Why not buy all the 10.20? If you bought up all the wheat for low prices, then people would start listing at a higher price and BOOM, you just raised all the prices in your town. Every time you buy, you are shaping your market. Remember that.

4) Why you WANT to keep prices stable: If you keep the price stable and affordable then people will continue to list for the same or lower prices.

5) How to explain: How do you explain to your citizens that you need to pay them EVEN LESS in order to help the town prosper? Here are some questions and answers for you and your citizens. This is something I posted in the forum.:

"How do we sell items out?"

Well, we send out grants via citizens that volunteer for it. They are usually Town Council Members.

Then, in the last couple of days we sold items out to the County (via the County Faire). All towns are quite dependent on the County Trade Minister buying up our items (unless their mayor organizes his/her own trades). Until very recently, the county was not buying much of anything, but Sheridan has recently created two trades and has bought up a lot of our extra corn, wheat and fish. This allowed me to clear out the TH for the most part.

"What I see, is an overstocked market with lower and lower prices."

Right now the market is manageable. People are selling their items if they list for a good price. If you wish to sell something just contact the mayor and he/she will grant you cash to purchase your items.

What are the mayor's options as far as market manipulation?
1) Place price-caps or minimums: If the mayor were to artificially "stage" the market, there would be a major side effect. Prices would be pretty standard. Yes. However, people with lower charisma would never sell their items and when I say "never", I mean it. Higher charisma items always sell first, so my bread would probably sit forever, while someone like Hebrin would sell their bread pretty quickly. It would be quite unfair and I would never initiate such an unfair advantaged plan.

2) Set 20 wage prices for level twos: I have heard mention of this also. Again, the same result. It is artificially fixing the market. The results? People with lower charisma would never be able to sell their items and they would never get paid.

I believe a free-market is the best thing that we can do at this time.

"Can't the Mayor or whoever maybe once every two weeks send an email so EVERYONE knows what is happening here."

Like someone said, it costs us "communication points" whenever the mayor sends out a "Town Announcement" and I prefer to save the TH cash for better things. If the mayor were to send out letters a lot, you would be looking at serious costs, as we'd have to hire a specific type of Level 3 State Trained to give us Communication Points.

"You guys want to run our town, then how about including those of us (I'm sure there are many) that don't understand or don't use the forum."

Well, I think I do a decent job of updating the TH msg. I change it every 2 - 5 days. Check it. You'll see that things are moved, changed or re-organized every few days. Current News is always given and I keep the "HOW TO HELP YOUR TOWN" section up to date. Is there an additional section that you think I should add? I have been told that most people don't want to read on and on about the town's affairs. In fact, the longer the note, the less people read the whole thing.

"Why encourage people to leave our town? It appears to me and please correct me if I am wrong, that the mayor is encouraging people to leave and then saying we are in need of Lords. Well sorry, why not try and keep the ones we have ?"

Well, it would be nice if the Lords that we have would stay and the non-Lords moved away, but that's usually not how it happens. Over the past few months, I have discovered how incredibly difficult it is to manage Whithorn. Many of the Level 2s are unhappy that they can not make a living here and they have explained their problems to me. Unfortunately, in RK, we have the ability to create infinite fields, but we are limited in size by having only one market in the town. This was okay in the past because we didn't have so many items on the market, but when the recession hit, it hit us very hard.

Our problems are circular and they all radiate from the fact that our town is over populated (around 400 people). We have about 85 level two people.

"Question: What I want to know is why aren't working professions encouraged?" and "Why are prices so low? I can't sell my stuff."

Because we have 17 bakers, when a well-populated RK town only needs 6-9 bakers.

For example, we have 28 millers here. There is no way that they will not have to fight to be competitive in a single market.

The recession is just not going to allow level twos to make an awesome income anymore. Now, if you were to live in Ayr, you would suffer from some of the same issues, BUT you would have a greater income because there are less bakers living there.

6) More recession answers:
Our issues are NOT authentic to our town. Every town in RK is overstocked right now. Most THs are suffering seriously. They are broke, trying to buy up their town's goods to help the people. I have done a good job in getting things sold before buying more here in Whithorn and I believe that is because of my experience.

Yes. Things are difficult here in Whithorn, but in some towns they have no veggies or no bread. I send letters out to mayors to ask trade and I often hear: "Please tell me what you want to bring. We are overstocked! PLEASE do not dump cheap goods on our market! We need our people to sell their goods."

So, we really should appreciate that our TH worth is pretty stable and that people CAN get jobs and can make a living by working jobs here. Honestly! We CAN fish here. We don't have to borrow axes from the TH just to work for the day. In other places, they are short on certain things or they don't have enough bakers . . . . and well they do not have the choices that you have, so please think about that also.

September 28, 2008

Renaissance Kingdoms Mayoral Tutuorial

Click here to see all Mayoral Tutorials regarding RK

Have questions? Write to me above in the chatbox and I shall reply to you in game if you leave me your in game name. - Updated Nov 2012

This is a tutorial for the mayors of Renaissance Kingdoms. Renaissance Kingdoms is a highly complex online multi-player game that can give you hours of endless entertainment. Still, given how complex it is, it can be hard to know how to get started and harder still to get good at the game. However, it has something for everyone.
This tutorial was written with Whithorn in mind and was edited for Ayr town. Your town and county may require different prices. I also have a series posted in this University:

* Write the information message -Use this to update the Town's Message. Once changed it can not be put back, so I save the old version in a notepad document before I begin working on a new one.
* Change the autobuy prices -If you do use it just make sure that the autobuy prices are extremely low, so that you don't spend undue monies on it or bankrupt your town
* Buy for Town -This allows you to buy for the town. In a fish town buy fish 1-2 times a day. In a wood town buy wood once a day and then relist it for a higher price. This is how your town makes money. You also want to buy bread, corn and keep a few knives onhand. (If you can not buy you are out of Trading Points. See "civil servants" below.)
* Goods inventory -This is where you find ALL your goods. You can send them to the tavern, a grant and/or sell them on the market or the County Fair.
* Purchase and Sale orders - Shows you what the Town is currently selling.
* Resign -Do not click this. It will not ask you confirm. Upon your resignation the election will start over but no one will be mayor. Make sure that the guard is actively "defending the power". (instructions:
* Manage the militia -I like to have 2 for today, 1 for tomorrow and 2 the day after or 1 today, 0 tomorrow. That way it alternates between 1 and 2 and the criminals can't predict how many you will have. Bump it up to as much as 4 if you have more than 7 strangers/criminals in town. They need more than double your militia to overthrow you. For example if I have 2 defenders, they would need 5 to take the town. Save money by having volunteer defenders.
* Statistics - Tells you how many of what field . . etc. You can only read this in OLD version.
* Manage the taxes - If you DO wages tax it sucks up 5 of your Finance Points (see civil servants below). (Instructions:
* Tax Fraud - List of taxes overdue. You can bring people up on fraud with the PP, but check if they have been in retreat and/or if they have problems first. Never insist on a tax payment when someone threatens to quit the game. Push RK by trying to help pay their late fee. The town gets all that money anyway.
* Assessment sheet - This is your "EVENTS" for the Town Hall. It only shows the last 8 sells, so that's why the Mentor has to sell the New Citizen corn from a grant if you do that program. They can actually keep track that way.
* Manage the ranch keeping - Do not click or use this. It deducts 200 pounds and will KEEP doing it.
* Manage the civil servants and the Town Hall administration - This is how you hire a Level 3 to give us Finance or State points. It will also tell you how many of what points you have.
* File a lawsuit - Uses Judicial points. I never use it. The PP should file all cases for you.
* Grant management - Make grants here. Instructions:
* Assign a chief mentor - This changes who your mentor is and gives them an office.
* Manage the Town Hall's calendar - I hardly ever used. This uses points and notifies anyone who logs in that lives in your town on the day that you tell it to.
* Send a mail to all the town's citizens - This uses communication points, but is a good way to notify people of major changes if you are making a huge change. I ALWAYS use it before I tax, usually giving people 3-7 days notice. However, don't send out too many mails or people won't read them.

Buy Off Market
(Never buy up ALL of the cheapest priced goods, as this will raise the prices in your town and no one wants that. Just purchase some of each price range to encourage the market to stay at the prices you like. If you do buy things make sure to relist things with the prices you want your town to have (or slightly higher so that bakers can sell their own bread). The town hall is a giant profit machine, but it also must regulate prices so that goods do not climb too high in price (or dive too low). )

Bread = Buy bread from your bakers to encourage them to bake. The more you buy, the more they will bake so don't buy too much or too little. Use some bread to stock the Town Hall tavern and relist the rest. (Tavern should contain about 25-50 bread at any one time. It depends on how much bread is and how many bread are listed on the market.)

Corn, wheat and flour can all be purchased and resold to set town prices but you should only do that if your town has a lot of cash.

Fish = Not every County buys fish. Ask your TM.
Wood = If mayor of a wood town you want to buy up the cheapest wood 3.40-3.50 and then relist it (or sell it to County) for 3.85- 3.95.

3) SELLING: (We used to have the ability to sell for 5.01, but that is gone now with the newer version)

Sell to Town
Wood = 4.00 (You'll want about 30-50 wood out at any one time and keep about 75 in the inventory. This does depend on how many bakers you have.)
Iron Ore = 19.00 (You'll want about 10 on the market and keep about 10 in your inventory. Buy it from the TM for 18.50-18.75 so that you can make a small profit for the town. This helps with corruption costs.)

 (Most TM are trying to help your town make money, so listen to them. Don't put a price too low and lose your town money).

Sell in Tavern
Tavern Prices are variable, but I usually do .05-.10 over what the cheapest price on the market is at the time. Check back often to make sure you're not gonna lose any money. The town hall does pay tavern taxes, so make sure that you make a profit or your tavern will cost you more than it makes.

If you are granted by the County's Trade Minister you'll need to list the iron or wood on the market for the price specified in the grant. Then go to the Town Hall and switch to BUY FOR TOWN. Buy all the items. When you're done the grant should just contain cash. The TM might have placed desired items in the grant description, so buy him the bread, wheat, etc that he asks for. If not ask the TM what he wants you to fill the grant with. 

Examples:Iron Ore = Jane, Buy this iron for 18.90 and then fill this grant up with wheat. Then a few corn. - Joe, TM
Wood = Katie, Sell all this bread out. Then please buy your Town Hall's wood for 3.85 each. - Smith, TM

4) Inventory VS. Market

Inventory of the Town's goods:
10 loaves of bread (keep a few onhand)
10 bags of corn (keep a few onhand, unless you have a New Citizen Program. . . then you might want to keep 60-70 corn onhand for that grant)
2 fish (don't buy unless you can profit)
5 pieces of meat (keep a few onhand)
10 bags of wheat (keep a few onhand)
7 bags of flour (keep a few onhand)
7 vegetables (don't buy unless you can profit pretty well)
75 wood bushels (Keep 40-60 on market)
16 ounces of iron ore (Sell 10 at a time on Town Market)
1 knife (save 1 in case someone needs it)

If you know you are going to be short on bakers or butchers you'll want to keep more onhand in case the market goes bare. The more healthy your town is the more flexibility you have with this.

5) How to work/Daily chores
Every day look over your market. First check iron and wood to make sure there are enough out.
Next look at prices. Is anything ridiculously cheap that you could make money off of? If so you can buy some of it to export (on the County Fair) or you can just relist it at a slightly higher price plus .01.

6) Financial loss/gain
Your town will lose and gain profit based on what you buy and/or sell for. Please don’t make a huge spreadsheet with all the losses and gains. You’ll just give yourself a headache trying to figure it out. Simply make a financial report every week and then take a look at your overall worth:

Did you make money? Lose it?

Lord Income:
Remember that every town receives Lord income when Lords are in your town. Look at that number for the last week. Take note, so that you know what the average Lord income is. Use this number for your weekly spending amount. . . . meaning if you lost excessive monies on militia or on selling at a loss, the Lord income should be the amount you can afford to lose in order to stay even. Lord of the Robe make the town 4 pounds per day. Nobles of the Sword make the town 9 pounds per day, so encourage people to use two tokens whenever they Lord up.
If you gained or lost, adjust something in your buying plan to make up for it or consider raising taxes. The less people you have in town and the lower your town coffers the higher corruption fee your town pays.

7) Help me
Leave me questions on the top of this page. I check it weekly if not more. If you leave your in game name I can find you easier.

What if we have a surplus of bread? I have 300 unsold veggies and 200 on the market. Help!
Even with the best planning, issues always come up. Sometimes they come out of no where. First, count on your town folk to help you out in a crisis. Post a note in your town hall (and or the forums) that veggies are at a surplus and you must sell it. Talk to your Trade Minister and/or county friends and look in the forums. Can anyone absorb this surplus? Are any other towns in need of it? Chances are there are. If you don't already have a Trading Exchange in your County forum then create your own thread for it. There the TM and other mayors can all discuss trades and/or issue that you have.

Take a look at your financial report:
Can you afford to pay some money to get out of this situation? If so, ask for some advice on the matter.

Next lower the price in the town tavern and encourage other taverns to do the same. Changing prices here and there can help a lot. If you need more help look to the county again. A former Mayor or the TM may have great insight and/or be able to bail you out. Your town should never be punished because you were too proud to ask for help.

8) Why?
* Why don't we have any food? We are under seige.

Some armies' tactics are to purchase all of your food so that people's stats are decreased and/or they will retreat. In order to avoid this try to stockpile meat in your home and/or armies. When under siege try to push citizens to take animal and corn fields in order to increase supply. Use the Trading Exchange to trade so that invaders can not buy your goods. Also, keep the taverns stocked up with foods. The invaders can not take food in the taverns (except the town hall tavern).

* Why do you say to keep some corn in the Town Hall?

Corn is a sensitive commodity. It can be bought up by travelers or pig ranchers. Therefore it is always a good idea to keep some held in your inventory, in case your town needs it. Your citizens need to eat it too. When this corn is needed and you list it on your own market, make sure to add your pence to the price, so that you don’t buy your own corn (i.e. 3.21 pounds)

* Why do I need to buy bread regularly? Why should I buy wheat?

You should buy some commodities that are produced from farmers and level two occupations. This is a CAREFUL game! Do not spend too much cash! You want to liquidate goods at every opportunity. Remember cash is better than goods.

The regular buying of things is simply to keep your economy flowing and/or make profit for town hall. If a wheat farmer doesn’t get paid for their wheat they can’t buy bread to eat. If bakers don’t get paid, they can’t buy flour. If the flour doesn’t sell then the millers won’t buy wheat. It is a cyclical dance of your town’s economy and it should be kept moving or your market can become stagnant.

A stagnant market will cause many problems. They can include higher prices, lower prices, instability, public unhappiness and so on. If your market keeps flowing, then these issues can often be avoided.

9)Town Council: If you have a town council, try to give them specific titles and job duties that will serve functions. For example, get a constable and have them check Lavabo for criminals daily. Have them notify you only if there is danger. The County often pays a marshal for you, but if you don't have this service you'll want to hire someone yourself. You can pay them in food, corn, money, anything via grants once a week.

Make sure that they know to kick you in the butt when you need it. They are a great source of new ideas and they can even veto your ideas; pointing out the flaws in it that you didn’t see. They can also travel for grant trading and fill you in on certain issues. A town council should feel valued, but understand that they won’t be doing the actual tasks involved in managing the town.

10 ) Being a Good Mayor
What are the best qualities of a good mayor?

I believe that a good mayor cares most for the people in their town. A good mayor is adaptable to changes and situations. A good mayor tries to accentuate the positive and give praise when it is earned. A good mayor maintains a positive image and good reputation for both them self and their town. A good mayor is flexible. A good mayor does not hold grudges, especially if it is detrimental to trade.

If other mayors, former mayors or townsfolk have concerns you must do what you can to solve the problem. Being a mayor is not for the weak. You will encounter criticisms and many negatives. You will want to quit many times, but remember that you must send negatives up and positives down (just like a good manager in any occupation).

Cooperation: I believe that town and county cooperation is VERY important. As your market prices are affected by other local town and the local travelers you will notice that your commodities can quickly disappear if prices are too low or if your town has a rare item (such as wood). You must safeguard rare items by buying them up quickly and managing your market often. You must also make sure that your prices are comparable to local towns’ prices, so that your market is not pillaged for its cheap goods.


September 21, 2008

Whithorn Fishing Tutorial

How to Fish in Whithorn
By Xenina Ramsay

1) It used to be the best paying gig in town. You will get a % for each try, so you may not get a fish on the first day. For example, if you click on one spot today and get 80%, that amount will be saved in your account. The next day that you fish, you will only have to get 20% in order to get 100% and receive a fish. Voila! So, the only day that you would not get a fish is the very first day, but believe me, fishing does pay off.

2) The fishing map: Take a look at this page every day and look for a post that was made after reset:
Look for a post by anyone that fished in Y=0 or Y=1. You can most likely only fish in the bottom row (Y=0), if you don't have a lot of strength yet.

3) Once you have selected a box, "Fishing" will be your day's activity! So be careful, there is no coming back possible!

4) The more strength you have (meat you've eaten), the further out you can fish from the shore - out to row 6 if you have no boat. The more intelligence (fish) you have the more chances you get to fish.

1 SP => 1 line (So, you need 2 strength points to fish in row 2).
IP => Intelligence Point (More chances to get a high yield. 5 points is good.)
  • 0-4 IP => 2 boxes
  • 5-9 IP => 3 boxes
  • 10-14 IP => 4 boxes
  • 15-19 IP => 5 boxes

You can see the positions (X, Y) in your web-browser's status bar by moving your mouse over the box. At the end of the day, you fish on the last box on which you clicked (even if you have some move's points left). In this image you see x=7 & y=5 (8th box over and 6 rows up):

this is an example of the browser status bar when a square is rolled over. In this example, the selected grid is row 5, column 7.

6) Fishing map: use the fishing map to see what else has been found that day, then choose the most productive box for your last turn. (The fishing page tells you how many tries you have left, i.e. 4/5 means you have one try left.)

7) After reset, you will get your fish (1-2 fish). Yes, some days you can get two or even three. Sell any fish for what the TOWN HALL MESSAGE SAYS. Sell it the very next day. Don't build up a collection please. Just list them when you get them and the mayor will buy them when he/she gets a chance.

8) So, if you can fish out to row 5, what is the max yield you can get? The answer is 99%. This chart will give you all max yields:

y/(Y-Axis/Strength) Min-Yield (%) Max-Yield (%)
0 69 80
1 72 88
2 74 89
3 76 93
4 77 96
5 78 99
6 79 101


7 80 104
8 81 107
9 81 109
10 82 112
11 82 114
12 82 116
13 83 119
14 83 121
15 83 123
16 84 126
17 84 128
18 84 130
19 85 132

9) You must own a boat to fish beyond y=6 (row 7). Yield max is 132% at the 20th row (y=19). Boats are around 110 pounds in Whithorn. You cannot sell the boat once it is placed in your home (just like clothes). Remember you still need a lot of strength and intelligence to fish out away from shore, so don't buy a boat until it's worth your investment.

August 1, 2008

Our Hilarious Protectors


A man, seeking to join the police force is being interviewed.

The Inspector says: "Your qualifications are good, but there is an aptitude test that you must pass before you can join."

Sliding a pistol across the desk, he says: "Take this pistol - go out and shoot six illegal immigrants, six druggies and a rabbit."

"Why the rabbit?"

"GREAT attitude," says the Inspector. "When can you start?"

"Here's what 44 rounds of 7.62 from an AK-47 and .38 will do
to a brand new police car." (more info)

Haha! A drug mule!

Look carefully:

The following radio transmission was recorded off the coast of Newfoundland 10-10-95

Canadians: Please divert your course 15 degrees to the south to avoid a collision.

Americans: Recommend you divert your course 15 degrees to the north to avoid a collision.

Canadians: Negative. You will have to divert your course 15 degrees to the south to avoid a collision.

Americans: This is the captain of a US Navy ship. I say again, divert YOUR course.

Canadians: No. I say again, divert YOUR course.

Americans: Ok. This is the Aircraft Carrier US LINCOLN, the second largest ship in the United States Atlantic Fleet. We are accompanied by three Destroyers, three Cruisers and numerous support vessels. I DEMAND that you change your course 15 degrees north. I say again, that's one-five degrees north, or counter-measures will be undertaken to ensure the safety of this ship.

Canadians: This is a lighthouse. It's your call.

July 30, 2008

The Power of Charts

See how many song references you get in this spiel. For example, this chart refers to "Easy Like Sunday Morning":

Song chart by Alastair Penn.

1st Song Chart by chublove.

rem by tanyandsuki.

Song Chart 8 by thelittlegirltree.