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July 10, 2010

Defending & Lavabo

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Basic DTP:
How to defend your town:
- Click on Out of town
- Click on My Group
- Click on Create Group (Armed Mob)
- Click on Groups and armies
- Click on Defend the power
- Click on Defend the power to confirm

How to update Lavabo
When voted or appointed as constable/capt for your town, you'll need to make sure and check for criminals in your town at the beginning of every day.

1) Go to Click on this symbol to read English:
2) Before using Lavabo for the first time you might have to configure your browser. In the left hand menu under the language is a link called F.A.Q. You'll see instructions for configuring your current browser in here.
3) Now that you are configured, to find the villagers in your town, look in the left hand gold menu and look for "Town Hall". Under the "Town Hall" heading you will see an option highlighted. It says "Villagers".
4) You'll need to "Take the Census" once a day. In this image you'll see the box that says "Take the census". The census takes about 5 minutes to load. Do not navigate away from the page or do anything while it's updating. If someone else has taken the census in the last 24 hours, it will say "The census has already been taken today. Only one census per day allowed."

5) Scroll down the page and look for anyone highlighted in pink. This means people have just come into town. At the very bottom of the page you'll see a bunch of Level o's. Those people were just born and they do not count as travelers.
6) If you see any criminals or people from other towns, contact the mayor and tell him/her the number of persons that are not citizens that are in your town.

Note: Sometimes criminals will move to a town ahead of time for an attack, so watch out for known criminal names and/or people that are part of a group. If you are unsure of criminals, give the list of names to your mayor or ask your mayor to check Lavabo. Most mayors know who the criminals are.

You can not see stealthed people. They are only viewable in traveler's visions.