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May 18, 2010


Sheep are a type of field, specifically a ranch. Up to four sheep are available for each ranch. Each sheep costs 35 pounds to purchase from the sheriff. You must have a knife in your home to shear or to kill them.

When nourished every day, sheep will maintain weight or improve it (an average of once every three days). Sheep ranchers are encouraged to join The Sheep's Owners and Weavers Guild (SOW).

The following are the available weights:
dying, bony, lean, normal, fleshy, plump, fat, obese, American-style. (They rarely get beyond normal by the way)

Every three days (or every day, or any day...) sheep can be sheared for wool. Every single day a sheep gains 0.5 of wool on their pelt. They can be slaughtered for hides at any point in their life, preferably near the end. Remember that if this is a second field, your yields will be lower (approximately 3/4 of a full yield).

Proposed sheep cycle one
  • Day 0: buy all sheep
  • Day 3: shear (get 6 balls of wool)
  • Day 6: shear (get 6 balls of wool)
  • Day 9: shear (get 6 balls of wool)
  • Day 11: kill one sheep
  • Day 12: shear (get 3-4 balls of wool)
  • Day 13: slaughter a surviving sheep (if there are any left. (an average of 3 hides))
(Sheep start dying on day 8 on average, so with this cycle, you may not get many hides)

Proposed sheep cycle two - Xenina's Method
  • Day 0: buy two sheep
  • Day 1: buy two more sheep
  • Day 2: shear (get 3 balls of wool)
  • Day 3: just feed
  • Day 4: just feed
  • Day 5: shear (get 6 balls of wool)
  • Day 6: just feed
  • Day 7: just feed
  • Day 8: shear (get 6 balls of wool)
  • Day 9: kill one sheep (get 1-3 hides)
  • Day 10: kill a sheep (get 1-3 hides)
  • Day 11: shear (get 4 balls of wool)
  • Day 12: slaughter any surviving sheep (if there are any left)

May 11, 2010

Fishing in RK

1) It's a good gig. It is. You will get a number % for each click on the fishing map, so level zeros: you will not get a fish on the first day you fish. Still, it's great pay! For example, if you click on one spot today and get 80%, that amount will be saved in your account. The next day that you fish, you will only have to get 20% in order to get 100% to receive a fish. Voila! So, the only day that you would not get a fish is the very first day, but believe me, fishing does pay off.

2) The fishing map: Take a look at this page every day and look for a post that was made after reset: (just plug your town at the end of the link)
Look for a post by anyone that fished in Y=0 or Y=1. You can most likely only fish in the bottom row (Y=0), if you have no strength yet.

3) Once you have selected a box, "Fishing" will be your day's activity! If you are new, you will only get one chance to fish, so be careful, there is no coming back possible! You'll want to see if other people have fished on the coastline. You might want to ask someone in the tavern if they can help you.

4) The more strength you have (meat you've eaten), the further out you can fish from the shore - out to row 6 if you have no boat. The more intelligence (fish or milk) you have eaten the more chances you get to fish.

*SP = Strength Point
~ 0 Strength = >You will fish in the first row. (It's labeled as Row 1) ~ 1 Strength => 1 line (So, you need 2 strength points to fish in row 2).
* IP => Intelligence Point (More chances to get a high yield. 5 points is good.) ~ 0 IP => 2 boxes ~ 5 IP => 3 boxes ~ 10 IP => 4 boxes ~ 15 IP => 5 boxes . . . and so on

You can see the positions (X, Y) in your web-browser's status bar by moving your mouse over the box. (Not in Chrome. I just count boxes over 0,1,2,3) At the end of the day, you fish on the last box on which you clicked (even if you have some move's points left). In this image you see x=7 & y=5 (8th box over and 6 rows up):
this is an example of the browser status bar when a square is rolled over. In this example, the selected grid is row 5, column 7.
6) Fishing map: Use the fishing map (or forum posts in some cases) to see what else has been found that day, then choose the most productive box for your last turn. (The fishing page tells you how many tries you have left, i.e. 4/5 means you have one try left.)

7) After reset, you will get your fish (1-2 fish). Yes, some days you can get two or even three. Sell any fish for what the TOWN HALL MESSAGE SAYS. Sell it the very next day. Don't build up a collection please. Just list them when you get them and the mayor will buy them when he/she gets a chance.

8) So, if you can fish out to row 5, what is the max yield you can get? The answer is 99%. This chart will give you all max yields:
y/(Y-Axis/Strength)Min-Yield (%)Max-Yield (%)


9) You must own a boat to fish beyond y=6 (row 7). Yield max is 132% at the 20th row (y=19). Boats are 85-100. You cannot sell the boat once it is placed on you (just like clothes). Remember you still need a lot of strength and intelligence to fish out away from shore, so don't buy a boat until it's worth your investment.

May 5, 2010


Vegetables (Veggies) are sown automatically and they grow by themselves. The only work which must be done on a vegetable farm is to harvest them, which is done every fifth day. So, the schedule looks like this:

  • Your veggies are growing nicely (state 1 of 5)
  • Your veggies are growing nicely (state 2 of 5)
  • Your veggies are growing nicely (state 3 of 5)
  • Your veggies are growing nicely (state 4 of 5)
  • Your veggies are growing nicely (state 5 of 5)
  • Your veggies are ready to be harvested. (Hire a worker on this day)

A first field will produce 4 vegetables and a second field will produce 3 vegetables.

Vegetable Farming Advice

  • There is no value in requiring stats at any level other than zero, so just put zero in the intelligence choice and hire for the minimum in your town.
  • Because vegetables are effectively the same as fruit, players are advised not to grow vegetables in a village with an orchard.
  • Check with your mayor if you are unsure what field to choose. Your mayor knows what the town needs.