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May 31, 2009

How to Wage Taxes in RK

Directions on how to wage taxes in Renaissance Kingdoms (version 3):
1) Go into your office
2) Click on "Manage the taxes"
You will see this:

3) Select an amount for each field. For example, if you want to bill all normal crop fields 8 pounds of tax per week (for the two week period), you will put in 1600 pence.

If you want to bill workshops 5 pounds per week, you will put in 1000 pence, because the computer will bill them 10 pounds and then nothing the next week.

Once you have all the numbers set, click on the "Save" button. Go back into your office. The numbers should still be how you set them.

Now to wage those taxes click on the "Raise taxes" button. You will get a drop down note that your taxes will be waged tomorrow (this means reset).

May 19, 2009

Example Mayoral Message

Click here to see all Mayoral Tutorials regarding RK
I am Mayor again and have made changes to my previous message:

Newest TH report in the forum. TAVERN FULLY STOCKED! (Need meat? Please shop our tavern!)

========== ANNOUNCEMENTS =========
* Town Hall is Buying ALL Fish Under 16!
- - Go fishing today: MAP:
=== List your fish under 16 to sell them! =====

** NEW!? Please use the New Citizen Program by Buying Our Program Corn! Questions? Mentor: Syseelia, Michael_Gallagher or the Mayor: Xenina.

* Town Danger Code is White (no danger)

* Travel Danger Code is White "low danger" from here to Wigtown, but I suggest that you NEVER travel without a grant.
= GRANTS ARE FREE! = Here is a guide:

=========== - TH MSG MENU - ==========
1) News
2) Food Information
3) How to Help Your Town
4) Economics / Laws /Suggestions
5) Leveling Up
6) Autobuys
7) Suggested Prices
8) Town Statistics

============ - 1) NEWS - ===========
* Short on veggies. I don't see a reason for this, so I'm now suggesting that people Level into vegetables.

* We are short meat, so please butcher some meats or import if you travel! Thanks.

* LADDERS: Please list for £20 and £60 respectively or no one will buy them.

===== - 2) FOOD & STATS/ GIFTS - ====
*HP = Hunger Points

BREAD: 2 HP, 0 Gifts
CORN:: 1 HP, 0 Gifts
VEGGIE:1 HP, 1 Charisma Point
FRUIT: 1 HP, 1 Charisma Point
MILK:: 1 HP, 1 Intelligence Point
FISH:: 2 HP, 2 Intelligence Points
MEAT:: 2 HP, 2 Strength Points

Charisma: Helps you to get hired when competing for a job or to buy or sell items on the market. Example: If Joe has 3 Charisma and Sarah has 1 Charisma Point and both attempt to buy the same bread, Joe will buy the bread and Sarah will not.

Intelligence: Helps you to make more choices when fishing, chopping wood, picking fruit and so on.

Strength: Helps you to fish out further, chop wood higher and so on. Also, Strength Points come into play when you are robbing or being robbed by people on the roads and/or when fighting in an army.

==== - 3) HOW TO HELP YOUR TOWN - ====
* Become a Lord and our town is paid a stipend, just for having you in town.

* Another way to help us out is to pick up food items to sell when you leave town.

*You can also volunteer for a Town Council position.

* MARKET: Our economy is low priced and moving. :)

* Minimum Wage: is currently 14 pounds

* Profiteering on our market is illegal and can be prosecuted.

** If you have concerns on a certain product, please send a note to your Mayor! Also, if you need a loan for any reason, contact the Mayor. Thanks. **

* FORUMS: I highly encourage you to read and post in our forum. To truly play RK is to know the forums. Just click on the word "Forum" below your news scroller. Then click on "Go to the forum with your player's account 'your name here'". Once in the forum, you can scroll down to our county (Galloway) and our town (Whithorn). If you can not see the forums, please check your security.

========== - 5) LEVELING - ===========
*Please notify the mayor with a simple note when you level.*

= TO LEVEL ONE: (If you participated in our NEW CITIZEN program, just send me a note.) I suggest you have 150 pounds before you get a first field. (You'll need some cash for expenses and to hire people). Then please choose:

* VEGGIES!! (You harvest on day 5. No stats needed.)

= TO LEVEL TWO: We have a lot of level twos here. If you are thinking of moving, don't level UNTIL you move, because you lose your workshop when you move. If you do level in Whithorn, I suggest you ask around. Butcher may be a good choice right now.

========== - 6) AUTOBUYS - ===========
Meat: OFF

Please don't use wool autobuy. Thanks!

======= - 7) SUGGESTED PRICES - =======
Corn ____ 2.60 (1hp)
Bread ___ 5.40 (2hp)
Veggies _ 7.70 (1hp, +1 Charisma)

Meat ____ 16.80 (2hp, +2 Strength)
Fish ____ 15.90 (2hp, +2 Intelligence)
Milk ____ 8.10 (1hp, +1 Intelligence)
Wheat ___ 10.10
Flour ___ 12.70
Wood ____ 4.00
HHW _____ 15.00
HC ______ 30.00
Knives __ 14.20
Axe _____ 150
Boat ____ 95
Oar _____ 21 (Only for carpenter use)
Wool ____ 11.25
Hides ___ 15.00
Buckets _ 39.00
Sword ___ 200
Helmet __ 150
Shafts __ 9.00

(THESE MINIMUM prices assume wool=11, hides=15 and wage=21 pounds. Larger items are more difficult to save up to make and therefore may cost more.)
Dress ____ 234 (18 wool, 1 hide)
Shirt ____ 109 (8 wool)
Shoes ____ 28 (2 hides)
Trousers _ 65 (4 wool)
Hat ______ 56 (2 hides)
Rope belt_ 52 (1 hide, 1 wool)
Belt _____ 41 (1 hide)
Boots ____ 86 (4 hides)
Hose _____ 45 (2 wool)
Mantle ___ 246 (15 wool, 4 hides)
Headscarf _28 (2 wool)
Waist Coat_131 (7 hides)
Headdress _78 (2 wool, 2 hides)
Toque ____ 56 (2 hides)
Cloak ___ 175 (4 wool, 7 hides)
Skirt ___ 117 (8 wool)
Apron ___ 116 (6 hides)
Shield ___ 71 (3 hides)

Unhooped buckets = 20
Small Ladder = 20
Large Ladder = 40

========= - 8) STATISTICS - ===========
Number of players, level 0 : 233
Number of players, level 1 : 87
Number of players, level 2 : 59
Number of players, level 3 : 11

Number of wheat fields: 84
Number of corn fields: 51
Number of vegetable patches:95

Number of cow ranches: 13
Number of sheep ranches: 9
Number of pig ranches: 17

Number of cows: 29
Number of sheep: 21
Number of pigs: 35

Number of millers: 20
Number of bakers: 10
Number of butchers: 12
Number of blacksmiths: 12
Number of carpenters: 12
Number of weavers: 14


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