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June 10, 2014

RK New Tutorial

This tutorial is updated Nov 28th, 2014. First remember that anything you learn in tutorials in game can not be accessed later and all letters in the game are deleted automatically after 2 weeks. Some tutorial info is here (in the forum). Also - a common problem is that the tutorial does not update after you do a task, such as buying the sample flour. To update RK at any point just log out and log back in. In a lot of case that will fix your issue. (If you have suggestions for this tutorial please leave a comment. Thanks!)

- ABOUT LEVEL ZERO: Read me first.

So, you joined RK? Well if you lose the tutorial window in RK go to TOWN, Look on the top right of your screen. On the corner of the main picture of the town you will see a quote balloon. This will get you back to the mentor's tutorial. As I said above if the mentor does not register that you did something just log out of RK and back in again.

Now, this game is all about working your way up in the world. You are a serf, a lowly beggar in rags when you start. Your goal at level zero is to save money. Make as much as you can and then level up.

You want to level up in order to:
  1. Buy a second field.
  2. Buy clothing.
  3. Become a butcher, baker, carpenter, miller, weaver or blacksmith. (Sorry no candle-stick maker option.)
  4. Be cool! There are 4 levels and also several "status" colors in game, so you want to grow in both. Make sure to fill out your "My account" section so people can promote your color level in game. You can do that as early as level zero and increase your coolness instantly, so start out early to increase your reputation with other local players.
So, save your money now in order to level! Please. We want you to level so that you can contribute to your town. Do not buy: clothes, fancy foods, beer or anything else. Ask the Chief Mentor or the Mayor if you want to know anything at all. You are not “bothering” us with questions. We are listed here in the Town Hall: (Click on Town Information to see the Mentor's name. Click on the person in order to open their profile and then mail them.)

In RK you now start with the mentor giving you day to day tasks, such as "Come back in an hour and I will give you bread" or "Go buy me 1 bag of flour". In order to advance you should follow those instructions. This tutorial is just more comprehensive.

Eat - As level zero you do not have to eat. It's helpful, so that you don't die. If you die you may not get paid for your last job. I have not seen this confirmed yet. But if the mentor orders you to eat in the tutorial you must eat that day in order to advance.
Work - Every 22-24 hours you'll want to take a job. You don't want to waste any time, and if you're online often you can choose to work the mine in 1, 2, 6, 10 or 22 hour increments.
Trust - You will need three reputation points from other players to level. Don't be afraid. (You don't have to talk to people too much if you're not very social. You just have to get the points. Here's how! The best way to get these points is to enter the first tavern you find and sit in it. Make sure to say hello to others if people are active. If you don't want to talk just say AFK and then don't close the window. If there are no people there just click on the picture of the mug to turn it red. Now no one can get you drunk, but many people will come by to see "Who the new guy is" and they most likely will trust you. Alas, your three points.) You can also sit silently and say absolutely nothing. You have no obligation to talk to people if you don't feel like it. However, players LOVE to see new people and they will be thrilled to be able to tell you all about their town and why it is special!
 Don't forget! You also have to work the church for two days to get the other two reputation points. No one can give you enough points to level. You have to work the church. It's mandatory.

Important things to know about RK
 (Renaissance Kingdoms) is a "reset" game. It has recently been changed to give players more working options, but you still must eat daily (every 24 hours in the game) if you wish to remain alive. Reset occurs each day at 2:00 GMT. (Time is posted in the church information). For example, if you are in PST (-8 GMT), reset occurs from 7 – 8 pm at night. Reset changes yearly with daylight savings. If you aren't sure just ask someone in the tavern. People always know what time reset occurs. The game is not available for about 35-45 minutes during this "reset" time.

You must eat every day to survive. Look at the top of your screen. Next to your money is your “status”. If you are “fit” you only need to eat one Hunger Point (that means 1 corn). If you are “exhausted” you need to eat two Hunger Points (two corns or one bread), in order to stay at maximum health.

- FOOD: To eat click on “Me”, then “My inventory”. Click on the hand print to eat each item. Remember what I said above: if you are “fit”, you need ONLY eat one corn to stay at max health. (It will still say you are hungry, but ignore that.) To get more food on subsequent days you can buy from the market or a tavern (which are individually owned and priced). Your money is only to be used to buy food (not wine, women or fancy clothes). Do not buy any food besides corn or bread until you level. DO NOT BUY BEER.

- DON’T GET DRUNK: To enter a tavern, simply click on the name of one. If you visit the taverns, do not buy beer at all (only richer people should ever buy beer) and do not allow anyone to buy you more than 5 drinks or you may get drunk. If you are too drunk you can’t work or eat, thus keeping you poor and surly.

Jobs are posted all day long and you have many choices. You have three places to get work:
1. The Mine: Click "Out of Town" and "Works". Then click on the mine.
2. As a level 0, you have to work two days in the Church (as said above), but you can also work here if you can't find anything else to do OR if you need points to level to say level 2.
3. Farm jobs are in the Town Hall: Click “Job offers”. You will see a job and the skills required. If it says none, you can attempt to work it. If no one else clicks you should get the job. Check on top of your screen to see if "you are working for LadyJo".

Read your Town Hall’s Message and check it often. Don’t buy cheap items and then resell them higher. This is a prosecution crime.

When you are ready for level 1 (you have earned 5 Reputation Points & you have £90 of cash), contact the Mayor and she/he will tell you what kind of field to choose. It changes so it is best to ask before you level.

You can give out two points per week. As said above, you can get 2 Reputation Points from the Church and 3 from people. The best time to trade Reputation Points is on Sunday when people get their two points.

Go here: Click on the first link there. In order to open any link in the forums you have to have a forum page open. Go into the Index and look for your county. You will find your county on the top right of your screen in RK. You will also see a town forum. If you are not sure ask for help.

Everyone's profile has a color to it. A new person is white. Someone who is attempting to use the forums and has written a profile will be promoted to yellow. There are several other colors, culminating in brown and then black. These colors mean that this person is very involved in the game. They write many story lines and participate in numerous RPs. Want to know more? Ask your mayor and town mentor (they are listed in the town hall).

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