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October 14, 2009

Fallen Sword

I've been playing this game. Super fun. Check it out:

We currently have 2-3 spaces in our guild, so PLEASE tell me when you join
so I can get you great armor and goodies.

* You'll throw out most backpack items.
* Look for stat items (items with a lot of statistical additions).
* To wear armor: Click character. Then profile. Click on the item in your backpack area.
* To bank: Click actions, then bank.
* To throw out items: You'll throw a lot of things away. Go into your backpack and find the manage button or you can bookmark this link.

* Click World to play. Start in the Misty Mountains and look for little figures. These little people will give you quests.
* Take a note of where the quest dude is, so you can bring the quest items back to him specifically.
* Kill all the rats and native right offhand. The more experience you get, the faster you level. Don't attempt to kill snow leopards until you hit level 5 and have good armor.

I get goodies if you join, so use this link: