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August 16, 2009

Broke Town Hall Mayoral Guide

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So, your town is totally broke? And you're the Mayor? Well, this guide was written to help you deal with such a situation.

STEP 1) Become familiar with your Mayoral buttons.
a. Was there a revolt? Were you pillaged? Then take SCREENSHOTS of all of your events and everything in your office that is not good. This includes ranch keeping, assestment sheet and management of the autobuy prices. (Don't let the criminal person/s get away with this crime by not documenting the freshest evidence.)
b. Bad management? (Still take the screenshots of the Assessment sheet in your office. You might not want to use it if you know the former mayor, but you need to hold onto it. Trust me. Never dispose of evidence. Keep it in your RK folder and save it for a rainy day.)

STEP 2) Find Your Trade Minister (Go to Baliwick -- > Council)
. . . Send this to your Trade Minister:
a. how much cash you have in the hall.
b. your inventory list (include everything).
c. a request for a 1500 pound loan.
d. Tell them that you are trying to raise funds now.

STEP 3) Do you have wood in your inventory? If not, that is your first item of business. Get 20 wood and place them on your market for 50 pounds each. (If you have corn or milk, whatever . . . you can use them.)
a. Post in the top of the Town Hall message:
"Welcome to _____! It is a difficult time for us now. Our Town Hall has been ravaged. I have placed 20 wood on the market for 50 pounds. Whoever buys them will be held up as Town Heroes. I have donated myself. Please join me in rebuilding our town.
- Your Ever-grateful mayor,

STEP 4) Check autobuys and ranch keeping in your Town Hall tools.
a. Autobuys should be off or below normal prices (like hhw should be under 15). If you can't change them it will say "You will be able to change the price again in 7 days" at the bottom of the page. This is how many days until you can change it.
b. Ranch keeping is also for 7 days. Just grit your teeth. There is nothing you can do until this time-frame is up.

More later. This is all I can think of right now.

August 6, 2009

Introduction to Politics

Click here to see all Mayoral Tutorials regarding RK

Here is the syllabus for my first class:

Introduction to Politics : Mayors and Mentors

Enrollment begins: Thursday, July 30th, 1457
Class in session: Saturday, August 8th, 1457

Anyone may attend, but you MUST enroll in order to participate in class discussions. We will have about two a week, depending on participation.

i) Things you should already know
- This class will cover the Mentor letter, new citizen programs (NCP) and basic game knowledge

ii) Basic Town Defense
- Militia, Captains, Marshals and how defense works
- How to use and configure Lavabo

iii) Getting Organized
- Keeping reports, notepads, records

iv) Forums & Letters
- How to get results from Town Hall messages

v) Grants, Trading, Traveling & Legal Questions
- Do you have town laws? Do you need them?

vi) The Hitchhikers Guide and Tutorials
- Wikia and, fishing maps, wood chopping

vii) The Town Council
- Do you need a Town Council? Do you want one? Town council functions

viii) Version 2 & the Trade Minister
- How and what to sell to the TM. Pence or not to pence. How to buy on your market without raising prices. Negotiations.

ix) Markets and Recession
- General market trends and changes, shopping lists, legal problems

x) Mayoral Functions
- Waging taxes and other buttons, a full list

To sign up, just post in this thread.

I've asked JO to give me a forum, but I might be posting in the Galloway Public forum. I'm not sure yet.

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