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December 30, 2008

Install Fonts in Vista

So, I tried to extract the fonts I downloaded straight into my C:\Windows\Fonts

Yeah. That didn't work. So, I extracted them into the download folder and tried to just copy and paste them over.

Then, I figured out that you must install each new font individually. To do this, right click on the font and click "install". It will magically appear in your font folder. Done! You don't need to find your C:\Windows\Fonts.

It took me a while, but I figured it out.

December 28, 2008


Credit to EBSF Members:








December 16, 2008

The Ten Commandments of Tremulous

I Thou shalt not cheat.
II Thou shalt build a good base.
III Thou shalt not feed the enemy.
IV Thou shalt not harm teammates (also known as bleeding).
V Thou shalt show no mercy to thine enemies.
VI Thou shalt not spam (shoot at nothing).
VII Thou shalt not camp (stay in base all game).
VIII Thou shalt not spawnkill, nor killwhore.
IX Thou shalt not deconstruct major buildings without your team's agreement.
X Thou shalt use good sportmanship and not insult other players.

Newby Definitions:
Feed = Feeding is when a player runs out of the base and is killed over and over again. This feeds the other team and they will quickly gain an advantage over your team. You will lose quite badly.
Spawnkill = Killing players directly as they come into the game. They have no chance to defend themselves and while your kill count will increase, it is in essence cheating.
Killwhore = Killwhoring is the action of killing opposing team members over and over again, while not attempting to attack or take out their base. Players who do too much killwhoring quickly become unwelcome in the server.

December 10, 2008

Tremulous Installation Guide and Qkey / GUID

Hooray! Ok, I'm installing Tremulous on a new laptop and so I thought I would create a complete guide. Just give your friends the link to this page when they need help installing or adding a GUID.

1. Install Trem
2. Add the GUID to your Trem
3. Add a HUD
4. Move your qkey / GUID
5. Change your screen size (for widescreen laptops and so on)

1. Install Tremulous
a. Go to
b. Choose Windows tremulous-1.1.0-installer.exe if you have a PC.
c. Look in your download window and double-click on "tremulous-1.1.0-installer.exe". If you don't have a download window, find where you downloaded the installer and double-click on it.
d. If your computer asks if this file is safe, say "allow".
e. Click "I agree", then "Next", then "Install".
f. Open Tremulous. I suggest getting the spider icon onto your desktop and then putting it in quick launch.
g. Before you do anything in the program print this page out and follow these instructions:
* Open Tremulous
* Once open use the ~ key in the upper left hand corner of the screen to open the menu.
* Type these things in and hit enter after each one:

/follow ,
/follownext .
/bind O say Hi everyone.

h. Type on the ~ to close the menu again. Now you can go into the game and look for servers to play on. First thing you need to do is click on Refresh List. This will make sure you download the list of active servers. Now click on Players twice. Find a server with 4-9 players. I suggest a well-know server. Here is a list of the best servers:
EBSF, N, DretchStorm, Skittles, A, Pure Tremulous, FuN, DRU, AA

i. Once in a server just touch the . key to follow players and watch how they play. This is the best way to learn. Then you can talk by touching the T key. If you say something like "I'm pretty new. Any tips would be appreciated." people might talk to you about the game. Clan sites are best for learning because they like to teach and recruit new people. EBSF is our clan, so that's the server you should look for. That is also where I will meet you 100% of the time. : )

2. Add the GUID (updated Trem exe)
a. Open your Trem folder. It should be here: C:\Program Files\Tremulous
b. Find the spider-looking icon (tremulous) and rename it: Trem.bak (This simply holds the regular trem in limbo, because we won't be using it.)
c. GO to
d. Choose linux, mac or win32 (windows).
e. Click on "tremulous.exe". (You don't need the longer named one.)
f. It will begin to download automatically. Your computer may ask if you want to open or download the file and click ok or yes.
g. Right-click on the new tremulous.exe in your download window. Select "open containing folder". It's probably in a download folder (on my computer, it went to the c:\users\ame\downloads)
h. Put the folder next to your Trem folder and drag the NEW spider program (tremulous.exe) into the Trem folder.

3. What's a HUD? A H.U.D. is a heads-up display. Basically, it controls where and how your health, evos, and build points are displayed on the screen. There are several different types of HUDs. My favorite is Volt's. There are 8 different "look" options using Volt's version.

(Note: before installing a new HUD, you MUST uninstall and delete all traces of the old one. I also suggest having a copy of your base folder onhand in case your Trem reverts. [This has happened to me when visiting AA server])

a. Find a HUD that you like in the current HUD catalog. Here is the Nov' 08 catalog:
b. Create a new folder inside your Tremulous folder. Call it "myhudfiles"
c. Click on the word "download" under the HUD that you want and follow the creator's instructions.
d. The hud may download as a "zip" in your download folder.
e. Right-click on the zip file and click on "Extract all". Your computer will ask where you want to put the files. Find your "myhudfiles" folder inside your Tremulous folder and extract them into it. (You can use this myhudfiles folder later too, if you change HUDs.)
f. You may need to create a folder called "ui" inside your "base" folder, which is inside your "tremulous" folder. Follow the instructions in the creator's "readme". It will tell you where to place which files.
g. Make sure to "activate" your HUD by using the command the readme gives you, like: /exec ui/install.cfg
You will have to type or paste that into the Trem console.

{ NOTE: To open the console once inside the game, use the ~ key. A little dos menu will drop down for you to type into. Your first command should be: /follow . - Now whenever you hit the period key, you can follow the players in the game. To install other binds use /bind k say Hey everyone :) (this binds your K key) or /bind p say_team All team members report to base (this binds your P key and will only talk to team members). Only add binds from the main tremulous window, never inside a server or your program may get confused.

To talk in game hit the T key and to team speak hit the Y key. You can change these in your options, but I like using these keys. }

4. Copy your qkey / GUID!!
Yes. Serious instructions on how to copy your qkey over.

a. Find your qkey in your old computer:
(Enable showing of hidden files and folders (if you already haven't)
* C:\Users\myname\AppData\Local\Tremulous\base if you use vista
* C:\documents and settings\yourname\localsettings\application data\tremulous\base in XP
b. Copy the file called "qkey" onto a flash drive
c. Open the same folder in your new computer. Find the file called qkey in your NEW computer and delete it.
d. Take the flash drive and plug it into your new computer. Copy the file over into your new computer.
e. Start Tremulous and test. If you do not paste a qkey, your computer will generate a new GUID :)

5. Find your monitor's resolution and write it down.
Use these commands one at a time in the console:
/r_mode -1
/r_customwidth 1366
/r_customheight 768

You did it. You're a genius.

Now learn to play:

This is a tutorial on how to be a dretch. I suggest you begin life as a dretch in Tremulous. Just don't die too much. You'll feed the opposing team too many credits and they'll come kill your base. You can also learn to play by being a granger (a building unit) and learn to make a base. Ask for permission and directions from your team mates.

When you are new you should take all orders from your teammates. They know how to play, so take their advice and be sure to ask for help. You'll find at least one or two people on each server who might even like to teach you.

Of course if you add me to MSN I would be happy to teach you when I have time. As my friend Victim says "Practice makes perfect". . . . well, no, but it does make you kick ass. ;)