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November 12, 2008

Mayor's Recession Help - Lesson 1

Hello everyone,

I've recently got some mayors asking me what I've done to come out ahead these last two months, and so I'm writing a blog on it. First of all I want to post my "action" Town Hall message.

========= - NEED SOME CASH? - =======
Need a good job today? Check jobs first! Then consider fishing. You can fish with ANY level of intelligence, strength or charisma. Fishing map:
Sell your fish for 16.95-17.15 or I won't buy it.


===== - HOW TO HELP YOUR TOWN - =====
Helping your town: Please read the economic section below and remember low prices mean more cash flow for Whithorn.

Cows: Only approved townsfolk will have them. Please apply to your mayor if you would like to ranch cows. Only three people will be accepted and breeding has just started. Thank you.

Weavers: Suggestions = belts, boots, women's hose, affordable shirts.

Forums: Just click on the word "Forum" below your news scroller. Then click on "Go to the forum with your player's account 'your name here'". I highly encourage you to read and post in our forum. To truly play RK is to know the forums. Once in the forum, you can scroll down to our county (Galloway) and our town (Whithorn). If you can not see the forums, please check your security. If your internet browser is accepting cookies and you are currently in the town of Whithorn, you should be able to read the county and town threads.

=========== - ECONOMICS - ===========
I will be trying to move the market . . . PLEASE change the prices of your goods for what you can afford. I will buy and resell what I can of the following:
Corn 3.05 (1hp)
HHW 16.00
Veggies 10.00 (1hp, +1 Charisma)
Knives 14.95
Fish 16.95 (2hp, +2 Intelligence)

============ - LEVELING - ===========
Please notify the mayor when you level.

Level One Fields: I suggest you have 200 pounds before you get a field. (You'll need some cash for expenses). Then please choose: CORN or WHEAT
Please Use This Corn Guide:

Level Twos: We have a lot of level twos here. So, you should have extensive clothes, cash and high stats before leveling. I suggest you choose CARPENTER (If you want weaver or miller, please talk to me first.)

Level Three: If you are close to level three and meet all other criteria, apply for a cash loan from the town council. Simply post in the Town Council Thread in the Whithorn Forum.

============= - LAWS - ==============
Whithorn's Minimum Wage: 16 pounds

Profiteering: You can not buy low and sell high on the market. This is a prosecutable crime.

=========== - AUTOBUYS - ============
(I'm sorry. I can't afford any autobuys until my trades go through.)
Meat: OFF
Wheat: OFF
Flour: OFF

Lesson 2 is below